Restaurant Horizont is a new restaurant contributing to Dubrovnik’s cuisine.
The restaurant is located near the city centre and has a beautiful view of the Porporela..


Set 50 m from Old city, Horizon is a casual, one of a kind restaurant offering a variety of comforting and internationaly inspired dishes. At Horizont, one can expect to be enthusiastically received by the restaurant’s young and dynamic team.


We offer our guests traditional dishes enriched by a modern 'touch'. Our menus will delight everyone, even those a bit more demanding, with our special menus combined with a little bit of Dalmatia and a little bit of Istria. Sea bass, steak, salmon, monkfish medallions, Adriatic tuna steak, soups, appetizers and good wine are just a fraction of our restaurant's offe


The culinary experience at Horizont is enhanced by a courteous service and an appealing decor. The menu’s specialties, as combined with a pleasant atmosphere, are sure to satisfy your longing for delectable food enjoyed in the good company of friends.